Technical Manager
  Baiju Kakkoth    
Technical Manager
+91 9388123944
+91 495 4088333
  Work Outline:  

Technical Manager is responsible to manage and monitor the performance of Academic Heads (S/w & H/w), System Administrators,
Project Coordinators( S/w), Project Coordinators(H/w & N/w), Project Coordinators(A/C), Project Coordinators(G-Mobile),
Training Heads(S/w,A/c,H/w,N/w), Master Trainers(S/w, A/c, H/w, N/w), Academic Coordinator,
Exam coordinator and for evaluating day to day activities by them.

Manage the R & D (Research & Development) of the divisions- S/w, H/w, A/c and G-Mobile
Approve the Amendment & Maintenance of the curriculum and courseware.
Approve the Trainer Guide 
Approve the Course Manual
Approve the Teaching structure
Approve the Product campaigning materials
Monitoring and Managing  Question paper creation and answer sheet evaluation.
Keeps technical team well informed of status of development.
Owns the development lifecycle and is responsible for managing technical risks.

Consistently delivers high-quality services to our RSO/ASO/Centres.