Academic Coordinator
  Shibida Ahamed    
Academic Coordinator
+91 495 4088333
  Work Outline:  

Assign tasks and objectives to Exam Coordinator
ASO/ RSO/ RO wise coordination of academic activities.
Academic Performance evaluation of centres/ ASO/ RSO/ RO
Diagnosing the centers on performance based on examinations
Coordination and execution of examination
Statistical analysis of admission graph- for academic purposes
Check course lag and drop out at centres, and diagnose the reasons and preventive measures to be taken.

Coordinate training activities for centres with Project Coordinators.

Prepare and update examination time-to-time and make sure it is implemented at centres.
Documents for Quality Assurance to be verified.(such as trainer guide, question bank, sample question papers)
Coordination of Answer paper evaluation and debugging.
Coordination with Certification department on examination and mark list.

Trainer recruitment assistance